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Just being shy of my 45th birthday, I realize that this may be my final video.

It's not that I have run out of any new trick ideas, but with age my body hasn't been able to keep up like it used to.
The truth is, there are still so many tricks that I want to learn, andcontinue to challenge and take on.
However no matter how much I train my body, I am not able to move it like I used to when I was younger.
Although I hate using age as an excuse, unfortunately that's just how it seems. 。。

This video is something that I have worked on in between the time I have spent promoting freestyle skateboarding, and took me about two-years to make.
To all the people that helped with this project, I truly can't thank you all enough.

In addition, there is something I would like to tell you all through this video.

I mentioned this in my previous video before, but I think freestyle skateboarding is still not fully developed yet.
The fact is, there are still so many tricks that I have been unable to make happen.

I also think there are still many trick ideas that I have not thought of yet, but are entirely possible.
Amongst those ideas, I know there must be a trick that could create some kind of a paradigm shift within freestyle skateboarding.
For example, a revolutionary trick like the ollie, or even the coconut wheelie, which could completely change our perseption as to how we ride a skateboard.
If a lot of skaters get together to try to come up with such a trick, I know it will really help with the future of freestyle.

I want to ask of you,next generation of freestyle skateboarders, take on this challenge and do what I could not.

I hope that through this video I can provide some kind of a hint for the next generation.

Translation by Ryan Brynelson

I would like to ask you to please share and spread this video. Thank you for watching.


artcore8/Seiya Nakano

Ancient White/ISAo.
Posted by Masahiro Fujii in Ultimate Skateboarder 1 on July 11 at 08:07 AM  ·  Public

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